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Personal Injury Chiropractic

If you suffer a personal injury, you can be sidelined for weeks or months in recovery. Not only can this have devastating financial consequences, it can leave you with mental and emotional anguish. When you are trying to get back to full health after an injury, you need a dedicated wellness specialist on your side. Our staff is here to help you heal from personal injuries like slip and falls, strains, sprains, sports injuries, lifting injuries, and more. Please learn more about how we can help you recover after a personal injury.

Why choose Chiropractic Care for Personal Injuries?

Many of our patients find us for natural injury treatment because they do not want to take prescription medication or are uncomfortable living with chronic pain. Unfortunately, our patients often spend considerable time suffering before they find us. We want to help you find relief without needing to suffer first!

We will perform a thorough health screening to see the full extent of your injuries. As musculoskeletal injury specialists, we can identify the root of your trauma, and then develop a special plan that targets your injuries quickly and effectively. We will begin a series of treatments designed to immediately reduce pressure, inflammation, and toxin buildup in injured tissue to bring pain relief.

As we adjust your spine for optimal alignment, we will also activate your body's natural healing system, improve your circulation, and improve your immune system. You will begin healing faster and may have more energy as a result of our adjustments.

We recommend that you see our chiropractor when you have an injury because we know that it works, plain and simple. We have helped thousands of people like you find lasting relief from the acute and chronic pain of injury. Because we screen every patient and develop a personalized treatment plan, we offer truly individualized healing.

Complementary Chiropractic Services

If we deem it appropriate, we can provide other services that complement our chiropractic care. Services we offer include:

  • Hydro massage therapy - Hydro therapy is relaxing and helps loosen tight muscles. You stay completely dry while we offer a unique hydro massage.

  • Laser therapy - If you have a soft tissue injury, bruise, scrape, or other problem, we can utilize laser therapy to promote healing at the cellular level. This gentle, non-invasive method works well for a range of surface injuries and also brings healing blood flow to injured tissue.

  • Massage Therapy - Therapeutic massage has a host of mind body benefits for personal injury healing.

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